Lindsey Weaver '12

Lakeville, Minn.

Favorite food in Decorah: 
Peanut butter cheeseburgers at T-Bock’s.

Fun on-campus activity:  “I love playing night games on the Luther lawn on Fridays,” she says. “We play lots of Ghost in the Graveyard, freeze tag, and polar tag.”

Spring break destination: “I’ll travel with College Ministries to Panama to help install safe drinking water systems for people living in remote areas,” she says. “The systems catch rainfall and filter it for safe drinking.”

Lindsey recently took a January Term class in South Africa called “New Hope: Developing a Sense of Vocation.”

“Before I went on the trip, I always thought that the farther someone lived from me, the less I’d have in common with them,” she says. “What I learned is that the opposite is true. The people of South Africa are very open and hospitable. I actually formed such close relationships with some of the girls that they became like sisters to me.”

She also shared her math skills with some of the kids there. “I’ve chosen to study math because I feel it’s something applicable to all aspects of our world, and it’s consistent across cultures,” she says. “For instance, while in South Africa I was working with some of the kids on multiplication, and I was teaching them the same tricks I learned in my elementary classroom,” she says. “I truly believe that math has the power to connect us.”

Lindsey finds it easy to form ties with her fellow Luther students by participating in on campus activities. She plays volleyball for the Norse and participates in LASO (Luther Athletes Serving Others), Student Senate, and SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee). “One of our most recent activities for SAAC is called ‘Norse Pack the Stands Night.’ Our committee partners with local pizza restaurants to offer free pizza to students who attend the games. Our goal is to encourage more students to attend athletic events.”