Marissa Schuh '14

Plymouth, Minn.
English and Biology

Why she chose her majors:  "I have always loved reading, writing, and the natural world,” says Marissa. “I'm studying them because I can't imagine my life without them.”

Recent J-Term experience:  Took a course called “Ecology of the Southwest” with assistant professor Eric Baack in Arizona.

Co-curriculars:  Helps organize information for the Luther yearbook, serves as disc jockey on Friday nights for KWLC (Luther’s radio station), and is part of Write On! (a creative writing club).

What’s in her backpack (besides books and pens):  Tools for bug collecting that she keeps forgetting to drop off at the entomology lab.  

Marissa admits that Luther wasn’t on her radar for the majority of her college search even though she started visiting schools during her sophomore year.

“Luther was the seventeenth college I toured and kind of an afterthought,” Marissa says, “But even though it was cold and the middle of February when I visited, the campus just felt right,” she continues. “I think I officially decided to go here when Eric Baack took me outside after we talked about the natural sciences at Luther and pointed out some of the features of the land Luther owns. The setting is so unique.”

Since she’s been on campus, Marissa admits that her time has been filled with great experiences. “Some of my most memorable moments include spreading my first butterfly in entomology and going on an immersion trip before my first year,” she says. 

But her most memorable moment so far is when she and some of her best friends were accepted into the Nottingham program (a yearlong Luther academic program in Nottingham, England).

“We ran around our floor screaming. We’re really looking forward to the whole experience—studying at the University of Nottingham, living with other Luther students, and traveling as a group throughout the UK and independently throughout Europe.“