Kelsey Engbrecht '14

Mahtomedi, Minn.
Communication Studies

Extracurricular activities: Participates in Ballroom and Swing Club.

Favorite campus treat: Oreo Blondies in the cafeteria.

Work study: Works with Luther’s marketing team to create Google® and Facebook® ads.

Not every student finds that their work-study position ultimately helps them decide on a career path. But that’s what happened for Kelsey.

“During my first year, my work-study position helped me realize that marketing applies to everything I find interesting,” she says. “I see psychology, art, and writing to be a realistic career path for me. That’s why I chose to be a communication studies major and supplement it with minors in management and psychology. I think it will prepare me well for a career in marketing, public relations, or brand management.”

But not all of Kelsey’s time at Luther has been devoted to helping her solidify a career choice. She also makes time for the Ballroom and Swing Club.

“Although it’s not an official sport, it gives me a good cardio workout and keeps me active.” She adds, “It’s also been a great way to make new friends.”