Paige Ofstedahl ’12

Apple Valley, Minn.

Most memorable moment at Luther so far: “Our soccer team winning the conference title!”

Unique fact about her hometown: It’s the home of the Minnesota Zoo.

Study-abroad destination: Peru.

“Seeing first-hand communities and countries where poverty and inequality are more prevalent--and reflecting on the great opportunities I’ve had growing up--really makes me want to use my skills to help people who haven’t been as fortunate,” Paige says.

It’s also the primary motivator for why she’s chosen to study in Peru for a semester. “I will be working with an NGO [non-governmental organization] during my time there which will provide a great chance to get my feet wet in developmental economics,” she says. “I believe the experience will help me learn more about sustainability, poverty, economics, inequality between genders, and youth empowerment.”

It’s also why she’s chosen to volunteer with some of Luther’s service organizations like SHOC (Students Helping Our Community) and SEEDS (Students Encouraging Economic Development through Solidarity).

In addition to her humanitarian interests, Paige plays soccer for the Norse. She’s a starting midfielder for the women’s team and is a three time all-conference honorable-mention honoree. Paige says, “I’ve been playing soccer since I was four and plan to play throughout my college career,” she states. “Soccer is one of the main reasons why I chose Luther. I stayed with the soccer team during a college visit, and I found it was a perfect fit for me.”