Samantha Stykel '12

Colgate, Wis.
Biology and math

Cocurriculars: Health Science Club, PALS (Luther’s mentoring program), cross country, and track.

Plans after Luther:  Go to graduate or professional school. She’s also considering a career in geriatrics.

What she likes best about Decorah: The trails, weather, and scenery.

Although Samantha hasn’t decided on a specific career path, she’s definitely discovering more about herself by keeping things she’s passionate about in her life and learning from new opportunities.

“I added math as second major because I found I was really missing it,” she says. “I also joined PALS since I wanted to get back into volunteering.“ Samantha volunteered and worked as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) in a nursing home for several years when she was in high school.

This summer she’s excited about the opportunity to learn more about lab research.  She’ll be a part of an eight-week REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) on-site program held at Arizona State University. “Four weeks will be dedicated to instruction, and the other four will focus on individual projects,” she says. “The program centers on mathematics and theoretical biology.”

Samantha’s work-study job also provides her with some valuable experience. “I’m a student assistant in the biology department,” she says. “One of my main responsibilities is to prepare animals for research purposes.”