Sam Simataa '13

Windhoek, Namibia

Career outlook: Hopes to get into the field of music marketing.

Hometown: Windhoek (pronounced “vin-took”), Namibia (the country’s capital).

Favorite food on campus: Stir-fry in the cafeteria.

Sam grew up in Namibia but attended his final two years of high school at the United World College (UWC) in India. He received a scholarship that covered almost all of his expenses.

“It was a very diverse school,” says Sam. “Many countries were represented in the student population.”

Sam learned about Luther after a visit from a college representative. He also researched his options on the Internet. “I was attracted to Luther because of its small size. Plus some of my classmates from UWC were already planning to enroll.”

During his time at Luther, Sam has kept busy with student life. One of Sam’s favorite activities is being a part of the tennis team. “I’ve played tennis for five years now, and I really enjoy it,” he says. “I like how the game is fast paced and fun. I have asthma, and I’ve found it’s the one sport I can play that makes me forget I have it. I think it’s because the game keeps me so engaged both physically and mentally."

Sam is also part of Norsemen. “I appreciate that our director, Timothy Peter, is dedicated to his work. I like how we work hard but still have a lot of fun.”

When asked if Sam will return to Namibia after his time at Luther, he explains, “I plan to stay in the States to explore my options for a while,” he says. “But I think I’ll return eventually since that’s where most of my family lives.”