Sarah Czechowicz '12

Madison, Wis.

A family tradition: All three of Sarah’s older siblings are Luther grads.

Cocurricular activities she enjoys:
Soccer; plays french horn in Varsity Band.

Work-study jobs: Biology lab assistant and technology help desk worker.

Combining a biology major with minors in religion and environmental studies strikes a good balance for Sarah. “Science and religion have their own ways of making sense out of the world, but they each do it differently,” she says. “I like how religion often answers what science can’t.”

It’s also an ideal mix for helping her achieve her career goals. “After graduation, I hope to get into bioethics or be a genetic counselor,” she states. “I’m going to start working on this goal this summer by finding an internship in the field of bioethics.”

Sarah has known for a long time that Luther is a great place to study science. “Two of my three older siblings studied biology here,” she says. “The strong program is one of the main reasons I decided to enroll.”

On top of a summer internship, Sarah also took an environmental ethics class at Holden Village (located in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state) during J-term 2010. And in spring semester 2010, she will earn 16 credits while studying in New Zealand with the National Outdoor Leadership School. She’ll spend her time backpacking, sea kayaking, and coastal sailing with 10-12 other students and two instructors. All will take place in a country she’s never visited before and with people she’s never met.

How does she feel about it? “I feel apprehensive because the only way I’ll be able to communicate with friends and family is through letters,” she says. “I’m also eager for the opportunity to study a different culture, meet new people, and learn more about myself.”

Sarah finds comfort in knowing that she’ll come back to Luther after her time abroad. “It’s great to know that I will return to a place that has always provided me with a strong sense of community,” she says. “I’m really happy that I’ve selected a grounded institution that offers students lots of opportunities to expand their minds.”