Greg Lonning

Lifetime wellness director

Personal wellness: "I ride my bike everywhere--to work, my kids' events, and running errands," says Greg. "But I don't do it just for the sake of sustainability or wellness. I do it because I enjoy it."

His view on sustainability: "It's really more than motion lights," says Greg. "It's about making changes in our behaviors."

Greg believes he has the best job on the Luther campus. He spends 40 percent of his time teaching in the classroom, and the remainder is devoted to developing and directing the wellness program for faculty, staff, and students.

"What I like most about what I do is encouraging people to make behavioral changes to achieve something positive," says Greg. "I like to make people excited about the outcomes they can achieve."

So with busy lifestyles nowadays, how does Greg encourage others to be more active? "Even President Obama made time for exercise while he was campaigning for office," says Greg. "If he can do it, everyone else can, too. We just need to make our time more efficient. Overall wellness can be achieved by making small changes in behavior."

Working full time and having a family makes Greg's life busy, too. So how does he keep active? "I either make time for exercise, or I'll encourage my family to go for a walk or ride our bikes while running errands," he says.

One of the ways Greg has encouraged Luther students to get more exercise is through the campus Bike Share program. Students can check out a bike out for the day at the library's circulation desk, free of charge.

"The Bike Share Program is a collaboration between the Sustainability Initiative and Wellness Program to promote physical fitness and reduce pollution emissions from vehicles," says Greg. "It's a great example of how wellness and sustainability are intertwined."