Jon Koch '12

Austin, Minn.

Dual citizen: Jon was born in the United States but also became a Canadian a few years ago so it would be easier to visit relatives who live there. He was automatically granted citizenship since one of his parents is Canadian.

On-campus activities: Served as vice president of Brandt Hall and sings second bass with Collegiate Chorale.

A homeschooled kid: Jon was homeschooled until he was in the ninth grade. His father, a retired war veteran, was his teacher.

Jon admits there are pros and cons to homeschooling. He believes it makes a person more self-reliant and allows a parent and child to be more focused. "A regular school day for most kids lasts seven hours. My typical day lasted three," says Jon.

But when Jon entered public school in ninth grade, he found it easier to relate to adults more than his own classmates. "It took me about a year to adjust. After that, I really felt comfortable with kids who were the same age as me."

In fact, Jon flourished during his remaining years at high school. He was chosen as captain in track, cross country, and swimming. Although he admits he was never the best athlete in any of those activities, he was told he was selected as captain because of his charismatic personality and ability to bring a team together.

Jon also pursued acting and was given the "Male Actor of the Year" award while in high school. But his interests shifted when, after one of his plays, the high school choir director approached him and asked him to audition for the choir. Jon found it to be a perfect fit.

Choral music is also the main reason why he came to Luther. "I applied on a whim. My choir director recommended that I consider Luther because of my interest in music and the college's reputation as one of the best programs in the country," says Jon. "A visit to the campus clinched my decision. I had a chance to visit with faculty about what I was hoping to study and the opportunities that were available. I'm very happy about my choice."