Matt Stump '12

Goshen, Ind.
Music education and music performance

Interesting trivia about his hometown: It hosts the largest county fair in the state of Indiana.

Where he'd like to study abroad: Germany or another European country to learn more about the history of music.

Why he chose music performance as a minor: Matt says, "I hope to teach choral music at the high school level and eventually at a college. I think knowing how to perform will help make me a more effective teacher."

Matt seriously considered becoming a pilot after graduating from high school. "But," he says, "I decided I could do that anytime. I felt like the music thing had to be done now."

Matt's thinking seems right on target when you learn about his background. While in high school, he was in show choir, concert choir, and chamber choir. "I also started a singing group with a few of my friends when I was in the eighth grade. We sang at churches, fund-raisers, and even at the mall. When requested to perform, we basically responded with 'name the place and we'll sing.' We had a lot of fun."

When Matt started to look at colleges, he decided to check out Luther's program based on the recommendation of his high school choir director. "I attended two senior recitals and was astounded by the level of musicianship at the solo level. I also saw Nordic Choir in Kalamazoo," says Matt. "It was a breathtaking performance."

When Matt finishes college, he hopes to land a job teaching choral music at a high school. He eventually hopes to go to graduate school and teach at the college level.

"With my first job, I hope to bring my love of music to those I teach. Timothy Peter, our director for Norsemen, emphasizes this idea in his teaching, too. We work hard in rehearsals, but we have a lot of fun at the same time," says Matt. "If I can instill that in my students, I'll feel like I've accomplished my goal."