Steve Holland

Associate professor of economics

First year teaching at Luther: 2005

First career: Commercial litigation lawyer.

Steve Holland knows a thing or two about changing careers.

"Being a lawyer seemed a natural step for me at the time, but I realized after seven years that it wasn't my gig," Steve explains with a smile. "I went back to grad school, and now I make my living thinking about things and engaging students. How great is that? I like it when students challenge me, though--maybe that's the lawyer still in me."

Steve's teaching role at Luther not only reflects his past experiences, but also allows him to share his perspective on important world topics.

"My teaching--microeconomics, public policy, environmental economics, hunger and globalization--focuses on the point where economics meets public policy," he says. "For instance, I'm interested in how food is produced, how it affects the food chain, and how it impacts community health."

Steve experience on these topics recently enabled him to teach a Paideia course with environmental studies professor Jon Jensen called "Food and the Environment."  "It explored the environmental impact of the food system and the ethical, economic and political dimensions of individual eating choices."