Drug Testing Consent Form


Read Carefully Before Signing,

Each Luther College student-athlete will be requested to sign a consent form:

1.) Acknowledging receipt of the informational material and understanding of the program.

2.) Providing consent to the administration of the saliva testing required of the program.

3.) Consenting to the release of testing information to a limited and selected group.

IMPORTANT: Failure to complete and sign the acknowledgment statement will result in the student-athlete's ineligibility to participate in all intercollegiate competition. Consent to Perform Drug Testing using Saliva Sample I hereby consent to have a sample of my saliva collected and tested for the presence of drugs in accordance with the Luther College Athletics Drug Testing Program. I understand that this testing will occur at such times as announced by the head and assistant athletic trainers. I understand that any saliva samples will be sent only to a licensed medical laboratory for testing and that the sample will be coded to provide confidentiality. I authorize the release of such saliva testing results to the Luther College Athletics Drug Testing Program and the head and assistant athletic trainers, appropriate athletic director, and head coach in order to adjudge my fitness to participate in intercollegiate athletics. I understand that these results will also be made available to me. I also understand that, should I refuse to submit to testing at the time requested, I will not be permitted to participate in any intercollegiate sports program.


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