Luther students who have studied languages have found this background helpful in moving into a wide variety of careers. Those who are preparing for careers in government, international business, medicine, or education often have language as a primary major. Two other potential career areas are bilingual-bicultural teaching and English as a second language (ESL).

When combined with another area of concentration, language proficiency may be the distinguishing factor that influences an employer’s hiring decision. Language skills and overseas experience can enhance one’s preparation for virtually any career.

Following graduation, recent language majors have entered careers in law, library science, social work, bilingual education, counseling, ESL, broadcasting, medicine, the ministry, and college teaching. A growing number are working both in the United States and abroad in teaching or in business-related careers such as banking, international management, accounting, and tourism. Luther graduates also work with government agencies in customs, intelligence work, and the diplomatic corps. Others are continuing their study and research on the graduate level at major universities, both in the United States and in Spanish-speaking countries.

Here’s how a few Luther Spanish graduates are employed:

  • Account executive
  • Attorney
  • Clergy
  • Controller
  • Customs agent
  • Drama teacher
  • Elementary teacher
  • ESL instructor
  • Human relations coordinator
  • Lawyer
  • Librarian
  • Mortgage consultant
  • Office assistant
  • Personnel worker
  • Program administrator
  • Residential counselor
  • Spanish professor
  • Spanish teacher
  • Translator
  • Travel agent
  • Volunteer
  • Linguist
  • Media specialist

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