Current President of the Iowa Sociological Association

2014-2015 Shawn Wick, Central College

Treasurer: Dawn Reece, Central College           

Past Presidents of the Iowa Sociological Association

2013-2014 Charlotte Kunkel, Luther College

2012-2013 Amy Deibert, Grand View University

2011-2012 Kevin Leicht, University of Iowa      

2010-2011 Gayle Rhineberger-Dunn and Marybeth C. Stalp, University of Northern Iowa

2009-2010 Tori Barnes-Brus and Erin Davis, Cornell College

2008-2009 Kent McClelland, Grinnell College    

2007-2008 Charlotte Kunkel, Luther College     

2006-2007 Stephen Wieting, University of Iowa           

2005-2006 Bill Norman, Graceland University   

2004-2005 Steve Colatrella, Mount Mercy College

2003-2004 Mark Freyberg, Simpson College     

2002-2003 Keith Crew, University of Northern Iowa

2001-2002 Joseph Schneider, Drake University

2000-2001 Michael Lovaglia, University of Iowa

1999-2000 Wendy Harrod, Iowa State University

1998-1999 Charlotte Kunkel, Luther College     

1997-1998 Jane Kvetko and Fred Jones, Simpson College

1996-1997 Mohammed Chaichian, Mount Mercy College

1995-1996 Susan Wright, Drake University       

1994-1995 Glenn Nelson, Luther College           

1993-1994 Hallowell Pope, University of Iowa  

1992-1993 Michael Delaney, Des Moines Area Community College

1991-1992 Keith Crew, University of Northern Iowa

1990-1991 Ken Root, Luther College      

1989-1990 Jane Kvetko, Simpson College          

1988-1989 Mohammed Chaichian, University of Dubuque

1987-1988 Robert Schafer, Iowa State University

1986-1987 John Stratton, University of Iowa     

1985-1986 Robert Frenier, Kirkwood Community College

1984-1985 Robert Claus, University of Northern Iowa

1983-1984 Kenneth Miller, Drake University    

1982-1983 Fred O. Jones, Simpson College        

1981-1982 Brent Bruton, Iowa State University

1980-1981 Michael Delaney, Des Moines Area Community College

1979-1980 Donald Maxam, Central College       

1978-1979 Mary Alice Ericson, Coe College        

1977-1978 Russel Nash, University of Dubuque

1976-1977 Charles Clark, Mount Mercy College

1975-1976 Dean Wright, Drake University        

1974-1975 Joseph Faltemier, Morningside College

1973-1974 Marni Mellen, Parsons College         

1972-1973 Virgil Noack, University of Northern Iowa

1971-1972 Ed Powers, Iowa State University    

1970-1971 Richard Wilmeth, University of Iowa

1969-1970 Albert Burrows, William Penn College

1968-1969 Mary Alice Ericson, Coe College        

1967-1968 Everett Laning, Simpson College      

1966-1967 Harold Eastman, Parsons College

1965-1966 Albert Anderson, Drake University  

1964-1965 David Johnson, Luther College         

1963-1964 Harold Ennis, Cornell College           

1962-1963 J. Richard Wilmeth, University of Iowa

1961-1962 Lewis McMeurlen, Drake University

1960-1961 William Kenkel, Iowa State University

1959-1960 Manford Kuhn, University of Iowa  

1958-1959 Lee Burchinal, Iowa State University