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Project Goals

Chris Norton 04

Immediate Goals

Upgrade local rehab equipment

We are seeking to improve the quality of therapy for individuals with spinal cord injuries (SCI) and other neuromuscular deficiencies. We want to raise money to buy equipment that most local facilities cannot afford.  

The RT 300 is an example of an essential piece of SCI equipment that individuals use to regain strength and mobility. There is only one of these machines for public use in the entire state of Iowa.

Also essential for SCI rehabilitation is the bioness hand stimulator. This item is also scarcely available at many rehab centers. The foundation wants to acquire and place these items in local rehab facilities for the public to use at no cost.

Future Goals

Open up the first ever neural recovery home in the world

Many hospitals are complemented with the luxury of having free housing for cancer or heart treatment through different organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House. However, many SCI individuals are forced to leave medical centers too early and go home where they do not receive adequate therapy opportunities, which leads to limited health and recovery.

A goal of the foundation is to provide SCI individuals the liberty to live near the best rehab centers in the country to help prolong their recovery and health.

Open an advance rehab center in Des Moines, Iowa

As it is today the most convenient way for SCI patients to receive the best therapeutic treatment is to relocate near a rehab facility. There are excellent facilities in Denver (CO), Chicago (IL), and Rochester (MN). However, relocating causes a financial burden on family and friends, and also creates separation from loved ones during an adverse situation.

Opening a state of the art rehab center in Iowa could have a profound effect on many lives.