Policies and Procedures

Why work with a SASC tutor?

The goal of tutoring is to help you become a more independent learner through the use of temporary, supplemental assistance of a peer who has completed the course. Our tutors are recommended by the faculty and trained by professional staff in SASC. While tutoring is an effective means of academic support, it is not meant to replace outside study, the expertise of the professor, or additional study groups on campus. You may need to use a combination of these resources to achieve your goals.

What is required of me as a program participant?

When you request a tutor, you agree to make a weekly commitment to your appointments. You will be expected to have your homework completed before your tutoring appointment and to come prepared with specific questions. Your tutor is not expected to be on call in the event that you need to cram for a test or have not allowed yourself adequate time to complete an assignment. You may need to prepare ahead of time for your tutoring appointments, and it is your responsibility to build this time into your weekly schedule.

What if I need additional support?

If you have special needs due to a documented disability and need accommodations, contact our office at 563-387-1270 to set up an appointment with a staff member to discuss your situation. Likewise, we are more than willing to assist any student who experiences difficulties due to extenuating circumstances. However, your success as a student will depend on your willingness to seek the resources you need, use tutoring wisely, and communicate your questions and concerns to our office.

How the process works

  1. To request a tutor, complete the Tutor Request form. You will receive an email with the contact information of your tutor 1-3 days after submitting your request. During high volume times, the wait time may be longer. If a tutor is not immediately available in your area, we will request a meeting with you to discuss your needs.
  2. Contact your tutor within 48 hours to confirm your assignment. Due to the volume of requests in our office, failure to do so may require us to assign your seat to another student on our wait list.
  3. At your first meeting, you will sign a contract with your tutor agreeing to meet for about 30 minutes each week. Students who fail to attend the first meeting will be suspended from the program.
  4. Continue your contract until tutoring is no longer necessary. Attendance will be documented in our office.  Students with excessive cancellations, no-shows, inconsistent effort or misconduct of any kind may be suspended from the tutoring contract. After two no-shows or cancelled appointments, you will lose your place in the program.
  5. If you would like to cancel your contract, you may inform either your tutor or the SASC office. If you do not find your sessions beneficial, please contact the tutor coordinator at sasctutor@luther.edu, who will meet with you to address your concerns.


If you become ill or cannot attend a session due to an emergency, please contact the SASC office directly. We will take extenuating circumstances, including emergency and illness, into account if your contract is ever suspended.

Contract Suspension

A student whose contract goes into suspension will need to meet with Jenna Eichberger, Coordinator of Tutoring and Academic Support, if they feel that circumstances outside of their control have led to the suspension. Depending on available resources and past documented effort, SASC reserves the right to determine whether the contract can be reinstated.