Critical Reading and Learning (GS110)

This course emphasizes learning strategies and reading skills. The primary focus of the course is the practice of effective reading, including such strategies as questioning, note-taking, outlining, annotating, paraphrasing, summarizing, interpreting, and evaluating written texts. The purpose of the course is to help students become more effective readers of college-level texts.

  • For Whom? This course is for everyone who needs to sharpen or hone reading and learning strategies; however, some students are invited to take the class based on achievement scores submitted for admission.
  • Purpose: The primary focus of this course is on the practice of effective reading and learning strategies for the liberal arts student. When we read critically, we aim to withhold judgment until we have considered the text carefully and thoughtfully. Therefore in this class we practice active reading strategies such as questioning, note-taking, outlining, underlining, and reciting (paraphrasing and summarizing) to interpret and evaluate written texts. Graduation from Luther College and professional success thereafter depends on the ability to master reading and learning strategies. In short, at the end of this course, students will be better readers and learners than they were at the start.