Ambulance and Medical Emergencies

If it is safe to do so, stay with the seriously injured person until help arrives. Do not move the person unless they are in a threatening situation. If the victim must be moved, move as a unit, always supporting the head and the neck. Do not bend or twist the victim’s body. Do not approach victims of electrocution or toxic exposure unless they clearly are away from the hazard.

Call 2111 and/or 9-911 and 1045. Be prepared to give the following information:

  • Where emergency is
  • What happened
  • As much information about the victim(s) as you can provide
  • How many victims need help
  • What is being done

Do not hang up until instructed to do so by the dispatcher (to avoid giving incomplete information).

Be aware of people in your area who are CPR trained, EMTs and/or First Responders. For more information on first aid procedures, contact Health Services, ext. 1045. Community health issues will be coordinated by Health Services in conjunction with Public Health authorities.