Bomb Threats

Any person on campus who receives a bomb threat via telephone call, voice mail, email message, letter, or other communication should proceed as follows.

All Luther College personnel receiving a bomb threat by telephone call should:

  1. Remain calm and listen carefully
  2. Keep the caller on the line as long as possible. For example, ask the caller to repeat the message: "I'm sorry, what did you say?"
  3. Identify and record the number from the display on the phone, if available
  4. Record every word spoken by the person
  5. Gather as much information as possible
  6. Call Campus Security, ext. 2111
  7. Fill out the attached Bomb Threat Checklist immediately
  8. Immediately deliver Bomb Threat Checklist to the Information Desk in the Union

All Luther College personnel receiving a message by voice mail, email message, letter, or other communication should:

  1. Call Campus Security immediately, ext. 2111.
  2. If the bomb threat is received via written communication, do not handle the communication any more than is absolutely necessary and turn the document over to the police when they arrive. The police will want to know the following information:
    • Who found it?
    • Who else was present?
    • Where was it found or how was it delivered?
    • When was it found or delivered?
    • Who has touched it?
    • Have any previous threats been received?
  3. A Security officer will obtain the information about the bomb threat. The officer will immediately notify the President (or his proxy). In the event security is unable to contact the President (or his proxy) within 30 minutes, security will confer with the Decorah Police Department for a ruling on an action plan.
  4. The President will evaluate the bomb threat and determine what action will be taken. All VPs are notified.
  5. The Crisis Response Team will carry out the President's plan of action.
  6. Security may request people working in the area to assist in sweeping the building. This may be done because people working in the area will be most familiar with what does and does not belong. If a suspicious package or object is located, do not touch it. Immediately notify Security, ext. 2111.