Off-Campus Living

Scenic view of downtown Decorah, Iowa.

Luther College is a residential college; students should plan to live on campus for the entire time they are enrolled as a student. College policy states: “All students are required to live in college-owned housing unless married, 23 years of age by the first day of classes, or commuting from their legal guardians’ homes within 30 miles of campus.”

Luther College recognizes some seniors desire to live off campus, and makes available a limited number of approvals through an application process in March each year. The number of students approved to live off campus will vary depending on projected enrollment for the fall semester. Approval is based strictly upon completed credits. Only seniors are eligible to apply for off-campus status, however, students should not assume that because they are seniors they will be permitted to live off campus.

Students are discouraged from signing leases with a landlord until they have received written permission to move off campus. Residence hall housing contracts are legally binding documents.