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Are you attracted to spirituality but at odds with the religious beliefs and practices you grew up with? Do you feel religious but are disappointed by religious institutions? Would you like to encounter the beliefs and practices of other traditions? Are you interested in religious topics but suspicious of religious dogma and institutional politics? Would you like to explore various forms of spirituality independent of the trappings of religious authority? Have you thought about visiting the places of worship of religious traditions other than your own but felt hesitant because you were unfamiliar with their customs and practices?

Then you have come to the right place. Our department offers courses in a variety of religious traditions. These courses create a space to explore religious beliefs, practices, lifestyles, institutions, scriptures, and morality without the requirement of any commitment to them.

Our students study religious scriptures and art, go on field trips, and meet spiritual leaders all over the whole world. They have tea with a Zen master in a mountain temple in Southern China, join Muslims for Friday prayer in Copenhagen, meet a Holocaust survivor in Auschwitz, talk to liberation theologians in the Amazon valley, and worship with Christians in Johannesburg. Join the adventure!