Facility Information

Built in 1977, the Center for Faith and Life contains a main hall, a recital hall, backstage facilities, a large lobby, administrative offices, classrooms, an art gallery, and a meditation chapel.

The main level has 746 fixed seats and 134 moveable chairs, and the balcony has 548 fixed seats, for a capacity of 1, 428 with some space for overflow seats available.

Because of the many ways in which the auditorium space is utilized, it's imperative to have a versatile stage. The Center for Faith and Life's thrust stage consists of a stationary platform and a hydraulic lift. The platform and lift together are large enough for an orchestra of 85 and a seated choir of 200. The lift can be positioned at the stationary platform level for maximum stage area, at the auditorium floor level for additional seating, or lower than the stationary platform as an orchestra pit. The lift also serves as an elevator for moving equipment to and from the basement.

The moveable platform, at the front of the lift, is a seating area with variable position. It can be set below the stage or at the stationary platform level for a level floor from cross aisle to front wall.

The three canopies with transparent acrylic panels suspended above the stage are a part of the acoustical design of the hall and can be raised or lowered as preferred by various performance groups.

Mounted in the organ balcony, the Martin Luther Tiles, designed and crafted by Robin (Bailey) Nordmoe ’84, commemorate the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s birth. The motif is that of geese (left panel) transformed into swans (right panel). The swan signifies the success and acceptance of Luther’s reform as compared to the defeat of John Huss (“Huss” is the German word for goose), a Czech reformer burned at the stake in 1415.

In addition to artificial lighting, a ceiling skylight allows natural light to illuminate the front of the auditorium. The natural light can be closed off by pneumatically operated louvers.

Load-in Coordinates

N 43° 18.780'
W 091° 48.346'

Elevation 929 ft.

Option 1 (side door to stage)

  • 55' truck can back up to door (ramp or lift must be supplied)
  • distance from door to stage: 10', no steps
  • outside double door: 63" wide x 78" high, 103" diagonal
  • main stage door: 74" wide x 84" high, 113" diagonal

Option 2 (loading dock)

  • 40' truck can back up to dock
  • dock door: 10' high x 11'10" wide
  • distance from dock to stage: 80'
  • Three double doors from dock to stage
  • 1. dock door: 76" wide x 85" high, 113" diagonal
  • 2. west hallway: 71" wide x 85" high, 113" diagonal
  • 3. main stage: 74" wide x 84" high, 113" diagonal

Thrust stage

  • Overall width (back wall): 48' 5"
  • Depth (act curtain to back wall): 32' 5"
  • Curved apron: 12', apron to back wall: 44' 5"
  • Actual performance space for dance: 30' deep, 38-40' wide
  • Ceiling height: 46'
  • Proscenium stage is created with overhead 50' wide x 30' deep box truss; standard trim is 25'
  • Wing space and entrances are created with legs and masking.
  • Cross-over space: Hallway immediately behind stage; exit doors on both sides of the back wall
  • 18 entrances to Main Hall
  • Load in doors to Main Hall: 74" wide x 84" high, 113" diagonal

Orchestra Pit (three options)

  • Size of curved apron (see diagram) when at highest position
  • 22’ deep, 47’ wide (includes apron) when at lowest position
  • Can be build up from lowest position with Wenger platforms - 4’ x


  • Seating capacity: 1,440
  • 892 main floor
  • 548 balcony
  • Approximately 950 for theatre and dance

Air Handling Capabilities

  • Performance area: 30,000 CFM
  • Back Hall: 10,000 CFM
  • No zone capabilities
  • Smoke detectors located backstage and in catwalks, fairly sensitive but not to chemical smoke

Electrical System

  • Power tie in for road gear located back stage right
  • Two 200 amp services, two 100 amp services
  • 3 phase, 5 wire, 208 volts
  • Campus electricians responsible for tie in
  • AC power outlets: 8 down stage, 6 upstage, 4 in the wings, 4 in the pit
  • Need to know pigtail type for tie in
  • Shore power available with prior notice


  • Wissinger positiv organ
  • 1978 Sipe organ: Large, 44-stop, mechanical action
  • Piano: Steinway 9' concert grand
  • Zuckerman Italian virginals
  • Zuckerman Stein fortepiano
  • Harpsichords:
    1. Bizzi 18th Century French Double
    2. Zuckerman French Double

*Full time keyboard technician/tuner available

Dance Rehearsal/Warm-up Space

  • Located in the Regents Center (close to the CFL)—must be pre-arranged
  • 36'6" x 69"4" space, suspended hardwood floor
  • Full length mirrors along one wall, bars along opposite wall

Emergency Procedures

  • Ushers guide patrons to the nearest exit.


  • MEC Handy Herman 24' aerial work platform
  • Ladders: 6', 8', 14'
  • Wenger four step choral risers: 10 sections
  • Acoustical canopy of transparent acrylic suspended above the stage, three sections, adjustable height
  • Wenger 4' x 8' platforms: 8", 16", 24" legs
  • 35mm slide projectors, screens
  • Da-Lite rear projection screen (10½ x 14)
  • 62 Manhasset music stands
  • DuKone Image Pro 4000 lumen projector

House Acoustical History

  • Excellent for music
  • Spoken word is quite poor, needs reinforcement. Spoken words need to be clear and concise, but not loud.
  • Reverb time: Approximately 2.25 seconds for music with an empty house.

Dressing Rooms

  • Green Room with make-up mirror and private bathroom located directly behind stage - phone number: (563)  387-1660
  • Star room located down one flight of stairs directly behind stage
  • Two separate cast rooms (11'5" x 11'7") located down one flight of stairs directly behind stage
    • hanging racks and full length mirrors
    • large connecting common room with lounge area
    • 12 make-up mirrors with lights, 4 without lights
    • wardrobe outlets: 110/120
  • Laundry facilities available near dressing rooms: 1 washer, 1 dryer
  • 2 steamers
  • No shower facilities in building
  • Quick change booths can be set up backstage
  • Men's and women's restrooms located directly behind stage


  • 5 pair of flat black velour legs: 25' high x 12' wide
  • 2 pair of flat black velour legs: 25" high x 8' wide
  • 2 flat black velour curtains 25' high x 25' wide
  • 1 black sharkstooth scrim 48' wide x 25' high
  • 1 front teaser 50' wide x 6' high
  • 4 borders 50' wide x 4' high
  • 1 cyc. border 50' wide x 5' high
  • 1 dark rust velour front curtain on traveler track
  • 1 natural colored muslin cyclorama 48' wide x 25' high, not seamless
The Center for Faith and Life