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The main level has 746 fixed seats and 134 moveable chairs, and the balcony has 548 fixed seats, for a capacity of 1, 428 with some space for overflow seats available.

Because of the many ways in which the auditorium space is utilized, it's imperative to have a versatile stage. The Center for Faith and Life's thrust stage consists of a stationary platform and a hydraulic lift. The platform and lift together are large enough for an orchestra of 85 and a seated choir of 200. The lift can be positioned at the stationary platform level for maximum stage area, at the auditorium floor level for additional seating, or lower than the stationary platform as an orchestra pit. The lift also serves as an elevator for moving equipment to and from the basement.

The moveable platform, at the front of the lift, is a seating area with variable position. It can be set below the stage or at the stationary platform level for a level floor from cross aisle to front wall.

The three canopies with transparent acrylic panels suspended above the stage are a part of the acoustical design of the hall and can be raised or lowered as preferred by various performance groups.

Mounted in the organ balcony, the Martin Luther Tiles, designed and crafted by Robin (Bailey) Nordmoe ’84, commemorate the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s birth. The motif is that of geese (left panel) transformed into swans (right panel). The swan signifies the success and acceptance of Luther’s reform as compared to the defeat of John Huss (“Huss” is the German word for goose), a Czech reformer burned at the stake in 1415.

In addition to artificial lighting, a ceiling skylight allows natural light to illuminate the front of the auditorium. The natural light can be closed off by pneumatically operated louvers.