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Build Your Own Season Ticket

Tango Fire

This form is for subscriptions of five or more performances only, not individual performance tickets. Select five (5) or more different events for each subscription. Designate the desired number of regular, senior or youth tickets, and complete the math for a total subscriber price. Senior prices apply to adults ages 65 and over; youth prices apply to those ages 4-18. Please complete all information requested so we may best serve you.

Only 400 subscription packages are available. Returning subscribers must respond by July 12 to retain last year's seats. Subscription orders must be received by August 23.

For your convenience, we offer dinner tickets on the same form. Dinner tickets, separate from your subscription, are $17* for all events and ages 4 and up. Any number of dinner tickets may be purchased; they are not tied to your subscription. *Dinner tickets purchased without show tickets will be $19.

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