Tech Book

Building Manager, Marketing Director 

Tanya Gertz, Director of Campus Programming

Contact upon arrival:
Office phone: (563) 387-1536 or 387-1291
Home phone: (563) 382-4633
* Tanya Gertz is responsible for CREW

Building Technicians

Kendall Thompson
Cell phone: (563) 517-0024

Paul Atkins
Cell phone: (563) 380-7126

Control Room Phone: (563) 387-1537

Box Office Manager

Bradley Phillips
Phone: (563) 387-1293 or 387-1357

Coordinator of Special Events and Summer Conferences

Michael L. Anderson
Phone: (563) 387-1538

Campus Programming Office Manager

Susan Peterson
Phone: (563) 387-1291

Campus Programming Fax Number: (563) 387-1766

Remaining Crew: Members of college maintenance staff and students. Can provide a student for wardrobe assistance. Crew is non-Union. Security provided if needed.

Ushers: Trained volunteer student committee, seated in back of hall by entrances.