Mission Statement

Campus Programming staff members enrich the educational environment of the college by serving the campus and the broad off-campus community through diverse cultural programming. The program provides the following activities for students, as well as the Luther and Decorah communities:

  • Diverse, stimulating, and well-respected performances and residencies;
  • Collaboration with faculty and staff to present interesting and timely lectures by regional, national, and international speakers;
  • Planning and scheduling services for facilities and publicity, utilizing a student organization to ensure student participation and learning;
  • Summer conference programming and planning that provides leadership opportunities for student staff members; and
  • Ticketing and technical assistance for all related events.

These programming efforts ensure a unique and full calendar of events, promote strong college and community relations, and educate and challenge all community members.

Barn Studies 2, Flickr user Bryan Pocius, CC BY 2.0

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