Three-Two Engineering Program

Luther is affiliated with the Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science in St. Louis, Mo., and the Institute of Technology at the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis.

Students who participate in the dual-degree plan attend Luther for three years and complete all the requirements for the bachelor's degree. Upon recommendation by the preengineering advisor, they may then transfer to either university and complete the requirements to become professional engineers.

This plan enables students to earn a bachelor of arts degree from Luther and a bachelor of science degree in engineering from the university. The dual-degree plan allows the individual increased flexibility in that the choice of a specific field may be postponed for a year. This allows students more time to consider which area of specialization fits their career goals.

Some of the more common professional bachelor of science degrees include chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. Another option is a six-semester combined bachelor of science/master of science degree program.