Norah Bringer, 2000

Music Major

    • Attended Harvard Law School
    • Trial Attorney for U.S. Department of Justice

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    Anjie Shutts, 1993

    Political Science Major

      Anjie was the first recipient of the Jensen Medal given to a graduating senior based on a record of service as voted on by the members of the senior class, attended Drake Law School after graduating from Luther in 1993.  At Whitfield Eddy, where she is a partner, she has devoted much of her attention to family law, with a special emphasis on mediation and alternative dispute resolution.

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      Alyn Beckman Bedford, 1992

      History and English Major

        • Attended the University of Minnesota Law School
        • Faegre and Benson Law Firm, Minneapolis, MN
        • U.S. Bank Corp.

        Heather Adams, 1991

        Political Science Major

          • Attended Iowa Law School
          • Assistant Attorney General in the Iowa Attourney General's Office

          Arne Sorenson, 1980

          Religion Major

            • Attended Minnesota Law School
            • President and Chief Operating Officer of Marriot International

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            Donovan Frank, 1973

            Political Science Major

              • Attended Hamline Law School
              • U.S. District Judge