In the words of an American Bar Association (ABA) statement, “Students who are successful in law school, and who become accomplished lawyers or use their legal education successfully in other areas of professional life, come to their legal education from widely differing educational and experiential backgrounds.” In short, there is no best major or pre-law curriculum for entering and doing well in law school.

Luther promotes this applied interest in legal studies by offering individual legal courses while allowing students to develop other areas of interest. Through this process, you'll walk away not only with a strengthened interest in the law, but also an area of interest in which you can apply your future legal studies. 

Who earns law degrees?

In the past 15 years, Luther alumni with the majors in accounting, business management, chemistry, classics, economics, English, French, German, history, philosophy, religion, political science, psychology, and sociology have earned law degrees.

Luther's focus on critical thought through its liberal arts education has developed in undergraduates of all different majors the analytical skills needed in the practice of law.