Pre-Health Studies

For students interested in health careers that require postgraduate study, Luther offers several pre-professional programs to prepare you for the next stage of your education. Whether you plan to become a doctor, veterinarian, optometrist, dentist, physical therapist, pharmacist, or specialized nurse, the liberal arts foundation you receive before you get there will prove invaluable in helping you make connections, think critically, problem-solve creatively, and communicate effectively in an ever-changing world.

At Luther, we recognize that the health field requires students with diverse educational backgrounds and a wide variety of talents and interests, so advisors in our chemistry and biology departments counsel each pre-health student individually to make sure that their planned course of study satisfies their current interests and complements their future career goals.

In some cases, such as general nursing, students may be able to start their careers upon graduating from one of Luther’s pre-health tracks. In other cases, pre-health studies at Luther offer excellent preparation for graduate or professional schools.


A number of Luther faculty members engage students in health-related research in addition to their teaching responsibilities. Faculty members also serve as advisors to help students plan academic programs, to meet the needs of the student, and to satisfy pre-health school requirements.


Sampson Hoffland Laboratory (dedicated in 2008) and the newly renovated Valders Hall of Science provide state of the art facilities including student-faculty research labs, animal facilities, greenhouse, natural science museum, microscopy suite, greenhouse, and human dissection lab. Laboratory courses are an integral part of Luther’s science curriculum and provide hands-on experience to enhance student learning.

Collaborative Research

Mark Eichinger, Brian Solberg and Tricia Serres

Find out what this student–faculty research team learned about the effects of core body temperature on running economy. Read the story!

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Student meeting with Career Counselor.

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