Luther offers pre-professional training in engineering consisting of courses in the liberal arts, mathematics, and sciences. The probability of success in the engineering field is closely related to an aptitude for mathematics and the physical sciences.

Three options are available to those who want to combine majors in physics, chemistry, mathematics, or computer science at Luther with degree programs in professional engineering:

  1. Complete the bachelor's degree at Luther and continue for a master's degree or doctorate in engineering
  2. Participate in a dual-degree plan with Washington University or the University of Minnesota*
  3. Pursue two or three years of pre-engineering at Luther and transfer into a university engineering program. Students who plan to transfer after two years at Luther should consult with the Luther's pre-engineering advisor since programs differ in their requirements.

*UPDATE, December 2015: The University of Minnesota is discontinuing its Dual Degree program with all participating colleges, including Luther. If you enrolled at Luther College before Fall 2015, you can still apply for the Dual Degree program at the University of Minnesota and transfer to the University of Minnesota Fall 2016 or Fall 2017.