What to Expect

Attend Luther College this summer for a pre college experience filled with fantastic learning opportunities, wilderness adventures, and the chance to meet new friends who share your similar interests. The Pre College Environmental Studies residential program is for innovative high school students with a passion for the environment and an interest in creative problem solving. Meet and explore with others in this field-based program, designed to immerse students in a cooperative setting while discovering current environmental and social issues through outdoor-field experience and project-based research.

Students will advance their academic knowledge and creative problem solving skills, while developing their outdoor leadership and confidence. Students can also look forward to a week of interdisciplinary academic pursuits blended with outdoor experiences from canoeing and caving to rock climbing and star gazing, all meant to foster an environment of personal and collaborative discovery. In addition, this program can give students an feel for college life that extends beyond a simple college visit.

This in-depth, week-long experience takes place amongst the unique, beautiful, and rare ecosystems of the Driftless Area of Northeastern Iowa and Wisconsin. The woodlands, prairies, rocky bluffs, and river valleys surrounding Luther’s campus provide an ideal laboratory for students to learn about the environmental challenges of our time and ultimately develop and implement sustainable alternatives.

Why Luther?

Luther College is recognized as a leader in campus sustainability, awarded as one of the top green colleges in the nation. Luther is committed to a way of learning that moves beyond immediate interests and present knowledge into a larger world—an education that disciplines minds and develops whole persons equipped to understand and confront a changing society. Our pre college program helps prepare students for the next level in their educational endeavors, and plants within them the habits of mind for a successful and sustainable future.

Canoeing the Upper Iowa Ri.