Research Opportunities

Faculty/student collaborative research is an essential part of the physics program. Students work with faculty members in the areas of astronomy, particle physics, friction studies, and theoretical atomic physics. More details on these projects can be found on individual faculty members' web pages.

All five members of the Physics Department faculty have ongoing research programs that students are encouraged to be involved in. Members have published a number of articles in important research journals in recent years.

Erin Flater—atomic force microscopy, friction and wear at the nanoscale, determination of chemical and physical properties of surfaces and probes

Elizabeth Golovatski—spintronics, nanoscale magnetism, current-induced domain wall motion, spin and charge transport in nanosctructures

Todd Pedlardevelopment of electronics and software for particle physics experiments, Meson structure and binding, heavy quark physics

James Perez—Interactions between slow, highly charged ions and surfaces, physics of very highly charged ions, atomic collision simulations

Jeffrey Wilkerson—Long-term photometric monitoring of star fields, eclipsing binary timing studies, low amplitude pulsating stars, stellar flares, stellar luminosity stability