The word philosophy means the love of wisdom. More specifically, philosophy is the systematic, rational inquiry into the most profound questions about nature and human life.

The philosophy curriculum at Luther acquaints students with historical and contemporary work in the field and develops skills in critical analysis and expository writing. With faculty trained in a variety of philosophical areas, the department offers many courses that are open to all students, as well as more advanced courses for students interested in deepening their knowledge of philosophy and building their skills in analysis and writing.

The major and minor in philosophy offers a sequence of historical and topical courses that allow students to engage with an array of philosophical traditions and problems.

Philosophy at Luther has been an incredibly impactful experience for me. I have come to see philosophy as the essence of liberal arts, as it has aided my development of critical thinking, reading, and writing skills that I use in all academic and intellectual endeavors.

—Webster Gehring '16

Because of the breadth and depth of the philosophy department's course offerings, as well as the analytical rigor that they require, a major or minor in philosophy is excellent preparation for graduate study and public service. Many of our majors go on to graduate school in philosophy, theology, law, and other fields. Other graduates have successful careers in the nonprofit sector, business, and government.

Studying philosophy at Luther directly acquaints me with the hardest questions posed by life, both at times enriching and also challenging my ideas on morality and even my own reality. By providing engaging discussion in an intimate environment, the learning is truly transformational.

—Brett Blattner ‘17