Paideia 111/112: Enduring Questions

Padeia 111/112 Enduring Questions

Face-to-Face Learning

Enduring Questions sections allow face-to-face learning, with no more than 19 students per section.

Learning in Community

Enduring Questions is a course that every Luther student takes in his or her first year. This common element is vital. Throughout the year, all Luther first-year students read the same works (though the class assignments related to the works may vary). The best class discussions extend into residence halls and cafeteria tables.


Enduring Questions—a two-semester course taught by faculty from every academic division—studies works drawn from across the disciplines. The course provides a base of skills you will use throughout your college experience.

It models the ideals of the liberal arts because:

  • the most important questions draw on a range of perspectives for their answers
  • the best answers draw not only on facts but on the wisdom of a well-developed sensibility 
  • education develops your potential, not just for a job, but for an active social, political, and inner life