Why Study Norway?

As modern as tomorrow, Norway is a prosperous, industrial country increasingly attracting international attention for its leadership in areas as diverse as commerce, diplomacy, and social legislation.

Every year about 125 students begin studying Norwegian, most to fulfill the college language requirement, some to begin their major in Nordic Studies.

Learning about Norway, students come to appreciate its current international role while studying the underlying history and culture. Studying a small country provides an excellent laboratory for observing the workings of government, interaction of economics and political reality, and role of literature and the arts in society.

Examining how another nation’s values underlie its political policies and priorities also enables students to more clearly observe how their own country addresses similar issues. Study abroad, a life-changing experience recommended for all students, provides the capstone to these observations.

Luther currently offers programs in the Norwegian towns of Lillehammer and Bø in Telemark. The on-campus experience also promotes interaction with Norwegian students, among the approximately 12 Scandinavian foreign students who enroll at Luther each year, acquaintances that sometimes lead to a lifetime of international visits and friendship.

For more information, watch a 7 minute video about the beauty of Norway.


Map: Wikimedia Commons, by MSClaudius

Norway on the globe
Fjords of Norway
Southern Norway