Nordic Studies

The professors in the Nordic Studies Department have such a passion for their students and want to see them succeed. There are so many amazing opportunities for students to thrive with study tables and out of class experiences such as Norskklubb. Being surrounded by so many people with the same passion for language and culture is amazing.

—Alexis Hove '18

As the first liberal arts college founded by Norwegian settlers and located in a community with a distinctly Norwegian flavor, Luther has a vital interest in European cultures and languages. Luther‘s strong ties to Norway have fostered a keen awareness of Scandinavian culture, history, and economics among both the faculty and the student body. As a result, students majoring in Nordic Studies have a strong base on which to build.

Seven courses form the core of the Nordic Studies major. Students seeking a major complete at least two semesters of intermediate Norwegian, as well as the composition and conversation course. The remaining classes involve some coursework in Ibsen and modern Norwegian literature, as well as Norwegian immigration, history, folk art, and folklore.

The goals of the course sequence are to equip Luther students with the language skills necessary to understand and appreciate the culture and literature of Norway and to use the language in a variety of professions or in graduate school.

The Nordic Studies Department has afforded me some wonderful opportunities: great connections with professors, wonderful friends in my Nordic Studies classes, and even a semester abroad in Norway! The department is unique because Luther was founded by Norwegians. What a great place to learn about my heritage and Norwegian culture!

—Emily Crowe '17