News Bureau

The News Bureau is a team of student workers who research, write and distribute news releases for the Campus News office.

Abby Arend 2017

News Bureau

    I am involved in soccer at Luther and am currently undecided on a major. I believe my job in Media Relations has strengthened my abilities to communicate with others both in the office and on a broader spectrum, as well as develop quality pieces of work. My tasks through the Media Relations office have reinforced my education at Luther by making me stay on top of school work due much like deadlines in effect in the office, as well as allowed me the ability to draft papers with value, and research efficiently. In the future, the learning experiences and work ethic instilled here will help my potential career through my developing communication, writing and typing, and much more.

    Berit Breed 2017

    News Bureau

      I'm currently majoring in communication studies. I'm active on campus as a member of the Luther Competitive Ballroom team and Aurora, Luther's all women's first year choir. As a communication studies major, I am hoping that working in Media Relations will help me to explore my options in the field of journalism. Besides being a full time student, I'm a major music fan, love rollerblading, and am addicted to books and tea.

      Jacqueline Krawczyk 2018

      News Bureau

        I am a nursing major here at Luther. A member of the women's track and field team, I am also involved in SAC Concerts, PALs, and the Luther College Concert Band. My job in the Media Relations office has been influential to my transition into college and throughout my first year on campus. Along with improving my writing and communication skills this job has also enhanced my time management skills and led me to amazing friendships. The skills and responsibilities I learned in this position have given me the knowledge to navigate the communication world and I am very excited to continue learning and growing within Media Relations.

        Claire Little 2018

        News Bureau

          I'm currently majoring in anthropology and am involved with the women's soccer team at Luther. My job in Media Relations allows me to better my writing skills and continue to find out more about campus. By working in the Media Relations office I have learned how to handle working in an office, from answering the phone to writing news releases. Through the personal connections I've made with my coworkers and bosses, I feel that my social skills have also improved and will help with networking in the future.

          Evan Lobdell 2020

          Social Media Bureau

            I’m currently majoring in English with a minor in secondary education and am a member of Norsemen, the all male first year choir and Undeclared, one of the male a cappella groups on campus. My job in Media Relations has helped me improve my communication skills with others and also helped me stay on top of all of the awesome events happening around Luther. I believe that in the future, the experiences I’ve had through this job will make me a more productive and contributing member of the school where I will work and allow me to easily connect with future students and co-workers.