Session Options

There are two types of sessions available to Dorian Keyboard Festival participants:

  • Closed sessions
  • Masterclass sessions

Closed sessions are 20 minutes long and appropriate for all ability levels. The student plays his or her prepared piece for one critic and receives verbal and written feedback from that critic. Memorization is not required. A student’s private instructor and/or a parent are allowed to attend a closed session.

Masterclass sessions are appropriate for advanced students and are 20 or 30 minutes long. These sessions are open to the public and held in larger performance venues. The festival guest critic along with three Luther piano and organ faculty hear the performance and give public verbal comments. Performances must be memorized.

Participants are asked to choose only one session selection on the registration form.

Interested in auditioning for a keyboard music scholarship?

Students interested in attending Luther the following year may audition on piano or organ for a music scholarship during the Festival. The audition is scheduled by checking the Scholarship option on the Dorian Keyboard Registration Form.  

If students are also interested in auditioning for a scholarship in voice or another instrument while on campus for the Festival, they may arrange to do so by calling the Admissions Office at 1-800-4LUTHER.