Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees associated with the festival?

With Housing (includes $5 fee for staying anywhere on campus)
Students performing a mini-lesson/solo audition: $25.00
Students NOT performing a mini-lesson/solo audition: $20.00

Without Housing (staying off campus)
Students performing a mini-lesson/solo audition: $20.00
Students NOT performing a mini-lesson/solo audition: $15.00

Luther Accompanist if Needed for Private Lesson: $15.00/lesson 

Optional Festival Banquet for Students/Adults: $10.00/person

How are students chosen for the Festival Band or the Symphonic Band? 

Students are nominated and ranked by their school directors. Membership and seat assignments are based on the ranking and recommendations of the director and on the needs of the Festival groups. Fair and accurate band assignments will depend on complete information from individual high school directors.

Students from schools that do not have a formal band program are welcome, if nominated by their private teacher and/or another music teacher in their high school.

Students accepted will be divided into a 75-piece Symphonic Band and two 250-piece Festival ensembles. Directors indicate on the student nomination forms if they want the student to be considered for the Symphonic Band in addition to the Festival bands.

Students in the larger groups will be given a chair assignment and copies of their music before they come to the Festival. Those selected for the Symphonic Band will each be given a copy of the 1st-part music for their section, then audition on that music for chair placement once they arrive at the Festival. The expectation is that all students will be very familiar with their music before they arrive.

What happens during the optional mini-lessons?

Students wishing to schedule a 10 minute mini-lesson with a faculty member are able to do so. Students who schedule mini lessons will have opportunity for face-to-face, one-on-one feedback. It is assumed that a student who requests a private lesson will bring to the lesson some previously studied solo piece. The fee for one 10 minute mini-lesson is $5. Seniors interested in attending Luther may use their lesson as their official scholarship audition, if they wish. No accompanist is required.

One or two students may be chosen from among those playing in a mini-lesson to perform their solos as part of the Grand Concert on Monday evening. Solos must be memorized to be considered.

Are tickets required for the Festival Grand Concert?

No tickets are required for the Festival Grand Concert on Monday, February 27th. The concert is free and open to the public.

What should be expected for the student housing accommodations on campus?

On-campus housing may be requested by those whose schools are more than 50 miles from Luther. Students will be housed with Luther band members if possible. Others will be housed in secure residence hall study lounges. The cost of on-campus housing is $5.00 per night.

Overnight guests should plan to bring along sleeping bags, air mattresses, pillows, etc. as well as towels and toiletries for their overnight stays. Think of the experience as "camping" in a dorm!

Limited commercial lodging is also available in Decorah.

Are directors required to attend the festival?

We encourage and enjoy the presence of high school directors, but their presence is not required for a student to participate. Other adult chaperones often stand in for the directors. In rare situations, high school students drive themselves to the Festival, but we require that they turn in their car keys to us while the Festival is happening.