The Summer Sounds of Jenson-Noble

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It’s a relief to know that although the temperatures are climbing this week with summer sun and storms, the Jenson-Noble Hall of Music hasn’t checked out on summer vacation. Although ear training classes, studio seminars, and student recitals are on hold until fall, between the Dorian Summer Music Camps and Lutheran Summer Music, the Luther halls are still ringing with weeks of fantastic music making!

The two weeks of Dorian Summer Music Camp just finished. The first week saw future 7th through 9th graders taking their first auditions and private lessons, singing with other students who also love music, learning the how to swing the blues, and of course, living in the residence halls like real live college students. However, as one instructor found out, just don’t ask them how they handled the freedom of the LC cafeteria (“...and then I put ice cream all over my six pieces of pizza!”).

The high school Dorians brought a little more musical finesse to the bubbling but occasionally not in tune (or even on the same page) excitement of the middle school musicians. Their fantastic final concert this past Saturday was an absolute testament to the hard work students, faculty, and counselors put into performing very difficult literature very well in just one week.

And now begins four weeks of Luther Summer Music (LSM), a residential training and performance program for more than 150 gifted musicians in grades 8-12. The program is a collaboration between many different Lutheran institutions, including Luther College, and provides an environment focused on musical excellence, faith formation, and personal growth. They have an outstanding recital and concert calendar, so if you’re in the area, be sure to catch some of their *free* events.

Just like the halls of Jenson, our music blog isn’t taking a summer vacation. Stay in tune (literally!) with the goings on of Music at Luther here and through our Facebook pages. And remember, between trips to the beach, hikes, and s’mores, keep practicing!

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