LCCB plays in Harpa Hall

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First Performance in Europe

Our first performance was in the Harpa Concert Hall and it was awesome!  We didn't actually perform in a concert hall, but we performed in the open space of the center's giant atrium.  All the exterior walls were made of glass and the ceiling was all mirrors.  The glass walls also had some panes of colored glass which were supposed to give a Northern Lights effect at night.  

Our backdrop was the city of Reykjavik and the audience members were seated facing us on the second level.  Some people were even looking down at us from the next level's up balcony.  The percussion section was fortunate enough to rent some of their instruments from the Iceland Symphony Orchestra.

It was really thrilling to see how many people had showed up for our performance.  Workers at Harpa had to keep bringing more and more chairs so there was enough seating for the audience members.  The audience members couldn't have enjoyed the pieces we played more if they tried.  So many of them had their eyes closed or were nodding their heads to the beat as they listened.  At the end of our pieces that had powerful and full chords, like The Spheres or High Flight, the acoustics of the area we performed in let the chords ring and ring.  Though, sometimes it was hard to hear the chord finally fade away because the audience began clapping so soon.

Our next concert is in Bergen and we can't wait!

Harpa Hall
Harpa Hall
Band playing in Harpa Hall