Course Topics

ART 104 Foundations Visual Thinking

An introduction to the basic elements of visual language through a variety of studio projects and media that investigate the relationship of form and content. Emphasis is on giving effective visible form to ideas.

ART 108 Drawing

This studio course focuses on basic aesthetic and technical drawing skills through direct observation of three-dimensional objects in environments, with instructional emphasis on perspective, eye-hand coordination, proportion and scale, positive and negative space, and compositional structures.

ART 200 Painting

An introduction to painting techniques and color theory including a technical understanding of oil media. A visual vocabulary and the start of personal investigations into life painting and conceptual problems will be explored using still life, landscape, and the human figure as subjects.

ART 206 Graphic Design

This course introduces students to the use of raster and vector graphics applications as advanced art-making tools. Students will produce static 2-dimensional works of art that simultaneously explore 2-D design concepts and the cognitive processes of software learning.

ART 305 3D Animation

A studio class focused on translating illustrated ideas into computer animation within art, film, and game development. Advanced software and hardware will be used in tandem with traditional studio mediums. Course will cover computer based 3D animation with emphasis on creative content, experimentation and critical thinking.

ART 408 2D Workshop

This studio course advances aesthetic development of 2D work through presentation and discussion of formal analysis related to issues and interdisciplinary concerns of image-based arts.

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