The Language Learning Center (LLC) offers technical and medial supports for all foreign language faculty and students at Luther College. The LLC is open approximately 40 hours per week.

The LLC provides language tutors in cooperation with the Student Academic Support Center (SASC). We offer drop-in tutoring during the scheduled hours.

The LLC has two small group classrooms for tutoring sessions as well as for study groups. All language students can use these rooms.

The Languages Learning Center also houses the the department's Foreign Language Media Library with over 800 foreign language films and a selection of leisure reading books and audio books for language learners. Students can check out these materials as well as audio and video equipment for their class assignments. Preus library also has a good selection of films from foreign countries, many with English subtitles.

The Language Learning Center also provides language students with valuable work-study experiences related to their interest in languages.

The Language Lounge in the LLC is a meeting place for all Luther students who would like to share their experiences with foreign languages, who would like to study together, or share their study abroad experiences.


The Language Learning Center