Interfaith at Luther

Kwanzaa Celebration 2013

College Ministries supports all students regardless of faith tradition, offering opportunities for interfaith dialogue, including the following groups:

Journey Conversations - Interfaith Dialogue Opportunities

Does your soul have a story? Listen to it and to others' stories at the Journey Conversations Retreat: an interfaith experience of silence, listening and sharing stories that helps us to listen well, speak truth, and be peace. The retreat is a powerful stand along experience and prepares you for future conversations.

Stay tuned for future retreats!


Silent Meditation in the Zen Buddhist Tradition

Tuesdays at 5:15 p.m. in CFL 205. This half hour sitting is led by Shoken Winecoff of the local Ryumonji Zen Monastery, Professors Gereon Kopf and Scott Hurley, and student Ben Hanson.

Student Contact: D.J. Simpson

Interfaith Holiday Celebrations

Because faith matters at Luther College, Interfaith Holiday Celebrations provide an opportunity for students to share an aspect of their religious tradition or learn about someone else’s tradition.

A number of holidays are highlighted each year around food, music, activities, and learning. Below is a list of interfaith holiday celebrations being planned for the '14-'15 academic year. These events are open to all and tickets are only needed for the Kwanzaa and the Seder dinners.

For more information about this partnership between College Ministries, the Diversity Center, and the Interfaith Student Association, email

Fall 2014

  • October 5 - Eid-ul-Adha (Islam)
  • October 26 - Diwali (Hinduism)
  • November 3 - Day of the Dead (Christian, Latin America)
  • December 12 - Kwanzaa chapel (African American Holiday)
  • December 13 - Kwanzaa dinner (African American Holiday)

Spring 2015

  • February 15 - Nirvana Day (trip to the Ryumonji Zen Monastery)
  • February 19 - Lunar New Year
  • March 16 - Purim
  • April 16 - Passover/Seder Meal

Interfaith Student Association (IFSA)

Interfaith Student Association meets every other Tuesday from 8-9 p.m. in the CFL room 205.

Co-Presidents:  Ellie Van Der Grind and Rachel Williams 
Secretary/Treasurer: Clara Lind

Muslim Student Association and Allies

The MSAA meets Fridays at 5:30 p.m. in CFL 205.

Advisor: Bob Shedinger