Francisco Nato - Deacon of Global Conerns

Name: Francisco Neto
Email Address: dejefr01
Class Year for 2013-2014: Senior
Home Congregation: Immaculate Concepcion, Dili, Timor-Leste
Position Nominated For: Deacon of Global Concerns
List on and off campus activities and leadership experiences that are relevant to desired position (i.e. involvement in College Ministries at Luther, home congregation, camps, and other ministries): International Students and Allies Association, Muslim Student and Allies Association, Model UN, SAC Diversity.
What gifts do you bring to the Luther Congregation and to the council? Diversity, music gifts (singing and drumming), openness and willingness to work with others,
As a spiritual leader, how do you nurture your spiritual life, individually and within the community? I try to spare a few seconds or minutes with God daily before going to bed, through meals and when having good or hardship times.
I am always putting up my best smile whenever I am doing my activities or whenever I see people because I believe with just a smile, I can brighten my day and someone else's.
I tend to be positive at all times (though I know it can be very challenging).
I try to have a meaningful conversation with friends rather than just saying "how is it going?" and walk away.
And if I have a good or hardship moments, I would tend to share or seek for guidance and support.
Please include a brief statement describing your goals, challenges and vision for the Luther Congregation’s ministry. : I am not really sure as I was not really involved in the council apart from my music contribution once in awhile for chapels and other services. But one thing I think is crucial is how the congregation's ministry can work together to reach out and get the students' and staffs' attention to be more proactive in the spiritual experiences on campus.