Work Study Opportunities

To apply, fill out the application below and return to the College Ministries office by May 9, 2014.

Outreach and Church Group Assistant - 3 to 5 hours per week. Maintain communication with churches and Outreach Team leaders regarding scheduled Outreach Team outings. Post outings on KATIE and meet with Deacon of Outreach. Help schedule and plan when Church Groups of all ages visit campus.

Photographer – 3 hours per week. Take pictures of office events to use on website, Facebook and in publicity.  Flexible hours to be available when events take place (evenings, weekends, etc). Must have own digital camera and understand lighting, angles and photo content.

Peer Mentors
4 positions total
3 hours per week
Supervisor: Pr. Amy

2 positions with responsibilities connected to Sunday morning worship

Responsibilities: come up with creative ways to invite students to Sunday worship; take care of pre and/or post service food; welcome students at worship; get conversation going before worship; develop creative ways for students to connect before and after worship; invite students to a brunch conversation in the caf with a pastor after worship; and help to keep the conversation going at brunch. These 2 Peer Mentors would need to be at worship most Sunday mornings and would need to ensure that at least one of the two mentors is there every Sunday

2 positions with responsibilities connected to Bible study

Responsibilities: First semester- serve as student hosts and inviters to a faith and learning Bible study with Pr. Amy; prepare to lead that same study in the spring. Spring semester- lead a faith and learning Bible study. Both semesters-host a faith and learning conversation table once a week in Oneota and one night a week in the caf. Connect with designated RAs in first year halls so first year students are aware of available faith resources.