Enrollment in EPIC

Fill out the one-time completion EPIC enrollment form.

What is EPIC?

It is a matching grant award program in which a congregation and Luther college form a cooperative financial team in support of students.

Our church is not a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), can we enroll in EPIC at Luther College?

Yes. We have congregations enrolled from the Methodist, Episcopal, Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, Covenant, United Church Of Christ, Evangelical and Community churches.

Are there two EPIC programs?

No, but there are two possible enrollment procedures. Congregations other than ELCA and any congregation outside the state of Iowa enroll directly at Luther College. ELCA congregations within the state of Iowa may enroll through the college or their respective synod office.

How do I enroll in EPIC?

Contact the Office of the President at Luther College directly for forms, along with additional information materials. Please call (563) 387-1001 or email: president@luther.edu. You may also download the form (.pdf) from this website and submit it to the Office of the President.

Is there a deadline for enrollment?

Yes. Initial enrollments must be made on or before August 1 of the first year in which the award is to be given. For example: An enrollment form received by August 1 will provide a matching grant for the upcoming academic year.

Does it cost anything for a congregation to be enrolled in the EPIC program?

No, there is no enrollment fee. EPIC enrollment in no way obligates a church to send money to the college over an extended period. In fact, each year the enrolling church is given the chance to decide whether or not to continue to support their college student. Enrollment in EPIC simply ensures that should a congregation decide to provide support, it will be matched by the college.

Does my congregation need to send in a new enrollment form each time we support a student?

No. The congregation needs to complete the enrollment form only once. In subsequent years, the college needs to receive the contribution form, from the supporting church, indicating the student names and amount of support.