Contribution Process

Fill out the EPIC contribution form that must be completed periodically.

Since EPIC is a college matching grant program, how much will the college match?

The college will match every dollar up to $750.

How much financial support can a congregation provide a student through EPIC?

The level of support is each congregation's decision. Support levels for Luther students may range from $100 to the full cost of education. However, the college will match amounts up to $750 per year per student.

Does my congregation have to send in the full amount at one time?

No. Both the congregational award and the Luther match are divided equally between the fall and spring semesters. Although we accept funds at any time prior to the end of the academic year, payment received by September 1 for fall semester and January 1 for spring semester will maintain the student's account in good standing.

How do we notify the college of the students we will support?

Each winter the enrolled churches will receive current EPIC information and Contribution Forms that can be completed and sent to the college when support is anticipated for students at Luther. Ideally it should be submitted prior to March 1 for the following academic year, or as soon as the awards have been determined by the congregation.

How many years can a student receive EPIC?

A student is eligible to receive EPIC funds for a maximum of eight semesters.

Will an EPIC award affect a student's financial aid?

Generally it can be said, "A student will always benefit financially because of the EPIC award." The award may have an effect on other types of aid such as loans or work earning eligibility. However, each case must be evaluated separately. If state or federal grant, loan or work funds are included in the aid package, regulations pertaining to those programs may affect the total financial aid package.

Can a student be sponsored by more than one church?

No. The student must be a member of the supporting, enrolled congregation to receive the $750 matching funds from the college.

If a student is not making satisfactory academic progress can their EPIC match be turned down?

Yes, the college determines this and may suspend all financial aid until progress improves.

Can the college refuse to match funds?

Yes. One reason is mentioned in the previous questions. Another reason is if the program is used improperly and the contribution is a diverted family tuition payment, that has gone through the church, in order to receive personal tax benefit.