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College Ministries Calendar

Find out what's going on in College Ministries and how you can get involved. Add the calendar below to your Google Norse Calendar by clicking the button. Note that you must be logged into your email or calendar to add this calendar with the button. Also, be sure to read the weekly announcements to stay informed.

College Ministries Events Calendar

February 2014

Join us for Weekday Chapel Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10:30am.

3/31/2014 Laura Christensen
Senior Chapel


4/2/2014 Sarah Rae Leahy '10
Don Kemp Memorial Lecture
 Cathedral Choir
4/4/2014  Jessa Anderson-Reitz
Senior Chapel
4/7/2014  Liz Rog
Community Song
4/9/2014  Angela Kueny Cantorei
4/11/2014  Mission Guatemala
4/14/2014  Mary Lou Mohr Wind and Percussion Ensemble
4/16/2014  Amy Zalk Larson Varsity Band
4/18 - v/21/2014  Easter Break
4/23/2014  Mike Blair
Easter, Square Stories Series
 LC Jazz Band




 Hans Jorgensen
 St. Timothy Church
 Lisa Kildegaard
  Square Stories Series

 Meggie DeJong
Senior Chapel









Cantorei and Luther Ringers